About Us

The Cohen Group is one of the pre-eminent environmental health and safety consulting firms.

The Cohen Group is the oldest environmental health and safety consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Established in 1980, The Cohen Group provides a complete range of environmental health and safety services to business and government.

Unlike other firms, fundamental to our operation is that every client matter is supervised by a senior, Board-certified professional. This unusual level of senior staff involvement is the hallmark of The Cohen Group. The result is a blend of unique capabilities and efficient service. Yet, our first priority is to understand your business needs. It is this commitment that compels us to address even the smallest problem with the same care we bring to projects of the greatest complexity.

Our Staff
The staff at The Cohen Group is one of the most thoroughly qualified groups of professionals in the field of environmental health and safety. Cohen Group senior staff include Certified Industrial Hygienists, Registered Environmental Assessors, Certified Asbestos Consultants and Certified Lead Inspectors/Assessors/Project Monitors. We serve on national, state and local advisory boards and committees dedicated to the improvement of worker and public health and safety.

Our Affiliations
The Cohen Group maintains affiliations with nationally recognized experts in Occupational Medicine, Epidemiology, Industrial Relations and Environmental and OSHA Law. Our efforts are supported by analytical laboratories fully accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association and certified by the California Department of Health Services.

Our Goal
Beyond the strength of our credentials, our success is based upon a commitment to serve our clients, an understanding of their needs and goals, and a demonstrated ability to produce results.

Senior Technical Staff

Fundamental to the operation of The Cohen Group, every client matter is managed and supervised by a senior, Board-certified professional.