OSHA Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Employers need to know the status of their compliance with OSHA requirements and how to reasonably proceed with corrective actions where needed. The Cohen Group’s tailored occupational health and safety reviews/audits provide our clients with the consise information they seek. Following our review/audit, the client receives a comprehensive, confidential written report summarizing each OSHA regulation to which the client is subject and explains how the client is or is not in compliance with that regulation. Some of the regulatory compliance services The Cohen Group offers include:

  • On-site facility investigations and audits

  • Construction jobsite safety and health audits

  • Records and recordkeeping practices review

  • Status of program documentation

  • OSHA written program evaluations and updates


Program Development

Should OSHA, EPA, county or city representatives inspect your facility or jobsite, your written programs, policies and procedures will come under careful scrutiny. Proper documentation of your health and safety programs will provide clear direction to employees regarding company requirements; offer proof of regulatory compliance; and minimize the likelihood of accidents, injuries, occupational illnesses, and environmental releases. The Cohen Group’s experience with developing and implementing health and safety programs can greatly simplify the process. The most common programs we are asked to provide include:

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program

  • Hazard Communication Program

  • Code of Safe Practices

  • Respiratory Protection Program

  • Confined Space Entry Program

  • Chemical Hygiene Plan

  • Emergency Action/Fire Prevention Plan

  • Hearing Conservation Program

  • Lock-out/Tag-Out Plans

  • Exposure Control Plan (Bloodborne Pathogens)

  • The above programs can be provided in English or Spanish


Site Health & Safety Plans

Site Health and Safety Plans are written guidelines to comply with state and federal requirements for managing worker and public health and safety during specific projects. The Cohen Group has developed numerous site-specific Health and Safety Plans for construction and demolition projects where one or more site contaminants may pose a hazard to workers or the general public. The Cohen Group, however, goes well beyond just writing the plan, but also provides the following services to minimize any possible delays in the project:

  • Preparation of site-specific Health and Safety Plans

  • Presentations to regulatory agencies and other interested parties

  • Assisting with plan implementation and routine site visits

  • Training of site personnel

  • Air, soil and water sampling during site activities

  • Documentation of plan implementation