Microbial Contamination

Whether “black toxic mold” or COVID-19, microbial contamination and exposure to infectious pathogens are on the minds of many.

Water damage from plumbing leaks or construction defects are some of the conditions that can result in mold and bacterial growth.  Monitoring for mold or other biological contaminants such as allergens in the ambient air and on surfaces is not an easy task.  The Cohen Group utilizes sound scientific strategies for the recognition and characterization of the indoor environment for molds, bacteria, and allergens.

All workers are at risk of exposure to pathogens, whether they be bacteria or viruses.  Employers need to understand the potential for exposure to pathogens and take precautions unique to their workplace including protecting their workers should the outbreak be more widespread.  As with any pathogenic hazard, implementation of infection control practices including the proper selection of personal protective equipment is paramount.  The Cohen Group’s skills in understanding the science to evaluate the extent of the exposure and recommend appropriate controls to minimize the risk are second to none.  For healthcare, The Cohen Group can develop Exposure Control Plans including workplace protocols for preventing or reducing the likelihood of exposure.

The Cohen Group provides the following services related to microbial contamination:

  • Comprehensive evaluation and risk assessment
  • Air and surface sampling for microbes
  • Building inspections
  • Development of remedial specifications
  • Program Development for infection control
  • Protocols for control and prevention
  • Recommendations for personal protective equipment
  • Training and guidance
  • Litigation support