Ongoing Health & Safety Services

One of the largest aspects of The Cohen Group’s business is providing ongoing services to our clients on a retainer basis. With our breadth of knowledge and experience in occupational health and safety issues, we are capable of providing a full range of support. For small to medium-sized companies, we often serve as the company’s environmental, health and safety “department” performing all of the duties one would expect from in-house personnel. With larger firms, we act as an adjunct to their existing staff, fulfilling training, monitoring, auditing, crisis management functions, technical and regulatory compliance oversight, even offering 24-hour emergency response. The services we commonly perform include:

  • Regularly scheduled audits of company operations

  • Writing and implementing compliance programs and training

  • Development and oversight of in-house staff

  • Completion of permits and registrations

  • Attending safety committee and management meetings

  • Telephone consultation

  • Representation before regulatory agencies