Asbestos & Lead Hazards


Without doubt, the removal or management of asbestos-containing materials presents a significant challenge to building managers, property owners, and contractors. Since 1980, The Cohen Group has successfully designed and managed hundreds of asbestos abatement projects in public, commercial and industrial properties. We have also developed and implemented numerous programs for the in-place management of asbestos. Cohen Group project managers have extensive experience on asbestos-related projects, are Cal/OSHA Certified Asbestos Consultants, EPA-accredited under AHERA, and are ABIH-Certified Industrial Hygienists. Our experience provides a body of knowledge from which we can choose the safest, quickest and most cost-effective approach for the circumstances. Our Asbestos services include:

  • Facility inspections and material sampling

  • Written programs for in-place management (“O & M” Plans)

  • Asbestos awareness training and O & M Training

  • Written notifications to facility occupants, contractors and regulatory agencies

  • Advice and guidance for property owners and managers

  • Preparation of asbestos abatement specifications

  • Abatement project management and surveillance

  • Air monitoring and clearance air sampling

  • Dust control and compliance plans for naturally-occurring asbestos

  • Cal/OSHA Approved AC Pipe Operations Training


The Cohen Group has extensive experience in the assessment and control of exposure to lead. Our experience stems from our active participation in hundreds of public and private sector construction and renovation projects involving lead and other hazardous materials. All of The Cohen Group project managers are ABIH-Certified Industrial Hygienists and those who work on lead projects are also California Department of Health Services-Certified Lead Inspectors, Project Monitors and Project Designers. Our Lead services include:

  • Facility inspections

  • XRF-monitoring and sampling and analysis for lead-in-paint

  • Sampling and analysis of air, water, dust, soil and other materials

  • Health and Safety Plans for construction projects

  • Lead Compliance Plans (per Cal/OSHA)

  • Worker Awareness training (per Cal/OSHA)

  • Design and surveillance of abatement projects

  • Development of waste disposal and environmental control plans