Litigation Support

The Cohen Group provides a full range of litigation support services to attorneys involved in Workers’ Compensation appeals, OSHA appeals, and civil cases pertaining to negligence, warnings, construction defects including water intrusion and mold/fungi, indoor air quality, environmental toxicology, and “toxic torts.” Our senior staff have courtroom experience and have been determined to be “experts” in the field of occupational health and safety in several states on such topics as asbestos, solvent exposures, mold/fungi, indoor air quality, product liability, warnings and labeling, state of knowledge, workplace injuries and standard of care. The Cohen Group can provide the following services to attorneys:

  • Providing expert witness testimony in deposition, trial, hearing and arbitrations

  • Summarizing state-of-knowledge and generating opinion reports, declaration, and affidavits

  • Providing education and guidance to litigators

  • Reviewing case information for completeness

  • Conducting research including literature searches

  • Conducting site assessments, including estimation of exposure potential

  • Conducting retrospective qualitative and quantitative exposure assessments

  • Exposure simulations